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Ulti mag 80 meter double bazooka

Ulti mag 80 meter double bazooka Antenna

Used one time only for 24 hours, performed perfectly.

A DOUBLE BAZOOKA antenna is an extremely broad banded Half Wave Antenna which can operate efficiently across an entire Ham band with little change to the SWR. The BAZOOKA antenna design was developed by the staff of M.I.T. in the early 1940's for use by the U.S. Government as a radar antenna. It was modified for amateur radio use in the 1950's.

This unique design eliminates the need for antenna matching baluns and can be fed directly with 50 Ohm coax.

The DOUBLE BAZOOKA is 98% efficient and typically provides S.W.R. readings of less than 2:1 over the entire amateur band.

Since this antenna has no exposed metal wire static charges can not build up thus reducing noise by 6dB over antennas constructed of exposed wire.

The DOUBLE BAZOOKA antenna will handle full legal limit power with no effect to performance.

The DOUBLE BAZOOKA is recommended to be mounted in an inverted "V" configuration for optimum results. However the DOUBLE BAZOOKA can be configured horizontally with equally good results.

The 80 Meter DOUBLE BAZOOKA antenna will operate on 80 through 10 meters with the aid of an antenna tuner.

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Uniden BC-396T APCO-25 Digital Scanner

Uniden BC-396T APCO-25 Digital

Uniden Digital Scanner. BC396T Equipped with features like advanced dynamic memory system, this scanner gives you unrivaled control. Program in the channels you need, and the rest remain free for other systems such as Trunked and conventional

5500 dynamically allocated channels (3500 typical)

  • Motorola analog and APCo25, EDACS analog, and LTR analog trunking
  • Pager Screen, Fire Station Tone-out, Extended Quick Keys
  • Service Search, CTCSS/DCS, Repeater Reverse, Alpha Tagging, Data Skip, Weather Search
  • SAME Wx Alert, Search Auto Store, Close CAll Auto Store, Priority Scanning, Backlit Display, PC Programming and Control, plus On-Air Cloning
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USI International Pi1-Pi2-Pi3-Pi4 owners manual

USI International Pi1-Pi2-Pi3-Pi4 owners manual

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