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SBE SB-21CBE Owners Manual

SBE SB-21CBE Owners Manual

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SGC SG-230 Owners Manual

SGC SG-230 Owners Manual

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Sola Constant Voltage Transformer

Sola Constant Voltage Transformer 23-22-112

SOLA CONSTANT VOLTAGE TRANSFORMER CAT# 23-22-112 FP185 TYPE# CVS-1 PRV 95-130X 190-260 CYC 60 PH 1 SEC V 118 1.02 AMP P.F. %100 VA120photo

Sola constant voltage transformer 23-22-112-2. Takes 95 to 130 VAC in (or 190 to 260 VAC if you jumper it differently) and puts out 118 VAC. So you can also use it as a step-down transformer. These things are great for isolating control electronics from line transient, brownouts, etc. This one is rated for 120VA.

a few Years ago a friend of mine worked in a manufacturing facility with a 50 ton crane. When the crane was being used, all the data acquisition electronics would go crazy. the company purchased a Sola transformer similar to this one and all the problems went away.

Mouser sells these for $466.
From the data sheet:

Superior voltage regulation of ±1% sets the CVS series apart from other power conditioning technologies on the market. Extremely tight regulation is accomplished by SolaHD’s patented ferroresonant transformer technology. The CVS recreates a well regulated sinusoidal waveform that is well isolated from input disturbances including:
• Impulses • Swells
• Brownouts • Sags
• Severe waveform distortion
No other power conditioning technology provides as complete a solution against these power quality disturbances. The CVS series is ideal for applications where even a small change in voltage level can lead to unscheduled downtime, misoperation, incorrect data or
scrapped production.

Link to data sheet:

Link to Mouser's web site:
23-22-112-2 Sola/Hevi-Duty Power Conditioning 

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Surmen Diamond SRH519 SF High Gain antenna For Baofeng UV-5R

SURECOM SC951 SF High Gain tri-band antenna For Baofeng UV-5R

We took our time finding the best antenna for your Baofeng before we decided which brand to offer for sale

Surmen SRH519 

 1. 1. 144/430 (2m/70cm)

3.V.S.W.R : <1.5


Frequency(MHz): 144/430

Zo(Ω) 50


Length(cm) 25

Weigth(g) 15

Connector SMA

Suitable for : LINTON / PUXING / WOUXON Radio / BAOFENG UV-5R



BAND (2m/70cm/23cm) 1/4λ (144MHz)、1/2λ (430MHz)
Max power 10W
Manufactured by: Surmen/Diamond
Impedance 50 OhM
Length 25cm
Connector SMA Female
Weight 15g



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SWR Y-752A swr/pwr meter

SWR Y-752A swr/pwr meter

Tested on 20m to 100W and the meter seems to work

I know nothing else about this meter.

Priced to sell.

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