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Vibroplex, the leader in top quality morse keys. Vibroplex is the oldest name in ham radio! 2011 is the 106th year in business for the Vibroplex Company. A piece of Amateur Radio history is present in every ham shack that has a Vibroplex on the table. Whether your favorite key is the Original Bug (in continuous production since 1905), one of the single-lever or iambic paddles like the Vibrokeyer or Code Warrior, or the good old-fashioned straight key, you know the Vibroplex commitment to high quality, reliable products has never wavered. Some 300,000+ Vibroplex keys are in circulation today and each and every one of them was built to last a lifetime of use.


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Vibroplex Spare Red Paddles

Vibroplex Spare Red Paddles

Originals exactly what is shown in the pictures

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