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Sony ICF-SW77 Short Wave Receiver

Sony ICF-SW77 Short Wave Receiver

This is a high end portable receiver, supplied a shown with the case, ownear manual, power supply and antenna.

 The Sony ICF-SW77 offers sophistication not previously seen in portable or table top receivers. On the performance side of the equation, this radio offers several useful circuits. A built-in programmable RF tuning unit allows the set to track a signal from the time the antenna first picks it up, while cutting out other signals. This reduces interference. The SW77 incorporates a band pass filter that splits each band into five smaller bands, thus virtually eliminating interference from outside the band. Fifty Hertz tuning resolution permits precise signal tuning for maximum clarity (LCD resolution is 100 Hz). The advanced synchronous detection circuit effectively addresses the two biggest problems on shortwave:  fading and interference from adjacent stations.

The SW77 is also rich in features. Station Name Tuning is now a reality. 162 memories are available to store your favorite stations including: frequency, name (to six characters) and program times. Sony has preset 94 of these memory channels with the world's most popular SW stations. (You can over-write these factory-set memories). You select the station name and the radio will provide the best frequency based on the current time! The SW77 also includes all the expected features:  excellent AM & FM bands, keypad entry, dial lamp switch, bass, treble, LSB/USB, ext. antenna jack, dial lock, S-Meter, sensitivity switch (Local/Normal/DX), manual tuning knob, frequency scanning, dual clocks, etc. You may even adjust the LCD contrast. A sophisticated 5 event timer lets you program the radio to come on at specific times, for a specific time interval on a specific frequency. These timer controls are on the top of the radio. There is a 3.5mm Line Output for a mono tape recorder plus a Tape Remote jack that can be used for tape recorder activation. (For stereo tape recording you must use the stereo earphone jack).

Inside the battery compartment on the back panel there is a switch to select 9 or 10 kHz medium wave steps. Despite its advanced and many features, the SW77 provides a friendly "interface" between the listener and radio.

Requires four C cells (not supplied). Includes adapter for 120 VAC operation, wind-up antenna


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