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We sell new and used Shortwave and VHF/UHF receivers from manufacturers like Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, AOR, Drake, Hammerlund, Collins 


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Monitoradio MR-10 receiver

Monitoradio MR-10 receiver

Vintage REGENCY MR-10 "Monitoradio" Receiver for 152-174 MHz , this is a Vintage "Monitoradio" made by Regency.

I tested the tubes, changed one tube (old one weak), adjusted one I.F. coil, and hooked up a 12' piece of wire to the antenna terminal (NOT a great antenna!).

I was able to immediately receive the National Weather channel (around 162 MHz).

I tuned to about 154 MHz and discovered a Fire Station (local) and after thinking about this, tuned up to about 155 MHz and found Police Cars communicating with Base about a local homicide enquiery.

I tuned to about 152 MHz and found a local EMS transporting a patent to a larger hospital and communicating with the Hospital about vitals.


This unit is clean inside and out (See Photos), and I was impressed with its reception for its age - It performed great!

The cabinet has some very minor scratches, and could be cleaned a bit more.

A Great receiver if you like to tune in on the action! Or, with minor modifications, would make a Great Monitor for the 2-Meter HAM Band!


Controls: Volume / Squelch / Tuning -- Accepts External Speaker

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Hallicrafters Sky Champion S-20 receiver

Hallicrafters Sky Champion S-20 receiver, this is the rare model and just look at its all original condition.

This is a wonderful example of this classic receiver from the late 30s

Fully Restored and in all original condition, this receiver has been taksn loving care off all its life as can easily be seen.

The S-20 was introduced in 1938 and replaced by the much more common S-20R Sky Champion in 1939

During the single year of production only a limited number where manufactured, making this a rare receiver these days.

The S-20 features mechanical bandspread using the center dial as bandspread scale.

Frequency range covers 540-1800 kHz / 1.7-5.75 / 5.62-18.4 and 17-44 MHz.

Original price in 1938: USD 49.50

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Hallicrafters SX-110 Receiver

Hallicrafters SX-110 Receiver

This is a nice example of this classic short wave receiver.

The Hallicrafters SX-110 general coverage receiver tunes from 535 to 34000 kHz in four bands.

The main ranges: .538-1.6, 1.55-4.6, 4.6-13 and 12-34 MHz.

Bandspread: 3.5-4, 7-7.3, 14-14.4, 20.1-21.5 and 26-30 MHz.

Features include: ¼" Headphone Jack and S-Meter, AVC ON/OFF, Tone LO/MED/HI, RF Gain, ANL, Mute Line, Antenna Trimmer, BFO, Standby, Dial Lamp and Speaker Terminals.

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Uniden BC-396T APCO-25 Digital Scanner

Uniden BC-396T APCO-25 Digital

Uniden Digital Scanner. BC396T Equipped with features like advanced dynamic memory system, this scanner gives you unrivaled control. Program in the channels you need, and the rest remain free for other systems such as Trunked and conventional

5500 dynamically allocated channels (3500 typical)

  • Motorola analog and APCo25, EDACS analog, and LTR analog trunking
  • Pager Screen, Fire Station Tone-out, Extended Quick Keys
  • Service Search, CTCSS/DCS, Repeater Reverse, Alpha Tagging, Data Skip, Weather Search
  • SAME Wx Alert, Search Auto Store, Close CAll Auto Store, Priority Scanning, Backlit Display, PC Programming and Control, plus On-Air Cloning
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