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Bencher RJ Series Keys RJ-1

Bencher RJ-1 Straight key

Bencher RJ Series keys offer the operator a superb and responsive instrument that will bring new pleasure to traditional Morse keying.

A superb example of the classic hand key, the Bencher RJ Series keys offer a modern design that features the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Oil-impregnated, sintered bronze bearing pivot points impart friction-free pivoting and wobble-free vertical tracking.

Black "Navy"-style knobs with removable skirts at the business end will give you a solid feel with outstanding tactile feedback.

Stainless steel locking screws allow for individual adjustment of the arm height, tension, and contact spacing, and a steel base with anti-skid rubber feet gives them real staying power. 

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MFJ-216 amplifier tuning pulser

MFJ-216 amplifier tuning pulser

AmplifierSaver lets you safely tune up your linear amplifier perfectly for full power output and best linearity

It protects your expensive amplifier during tune-ups from over-heating, tube damage, power supply stress and arc-over.

MFJs innovative pulse tuning technology lets you tune your amplifier at full peak output power for best linearity.

It keeps average power to a low safe level to prevent overheating and power supply stress.

"Sniff-out" RFI or TVI caused by rusty guy wires, rain gutters, clotheslines and others by generating full peak power without amplifier damage.

Also use to evaluate wattmeters and QSK systems.

Set and forget internal trim pots let you tailor duty cycle and pulse rate precisely for your rig and amp.

Plugs into your rigs CW key jack. Simply press Pulse Tune button and tune your amplifier normally for maximum power output.

Deluxe version has Duty Cycle and Pulse Rate controls on front panel.

Locking pulse tone and momentary carrier tune buttons.

Fully shielded all metal case. Uses 9V battery (not included.).

Measures a compact 3 1/4 x 1 1/4 x 4 inches

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Radio Mart, Radio Communication Equipment & Systems, Georgetown, KY

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