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Bencher RJ Series Keys RJ-1

Bencher RJ-1 Straight key

Bencher RJ Series keys offer the operator a superb and responsive instrument that will bring new pleasure to traditional Morse keying.

A superb example of the classic hand key, the Bencher RJ Series keys offer a modern design that features the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Oil-impregnated, sintered bronze bearing pivot points impart friction-free pivoting and wobble-free vertical tracking.

Black "Navy"-style knobs with removable skirts at the business end will give you a solid feel with outstanding tactile feedback.

Stainless steel locking screws allow for individual adjustment of the arm height, tension, and contact spacing, and a steel base with anti-skid rubber feet gives them real staying power. 

Our price: $95.00 (£57.00)
Market price: $0.00

MFJ 1272BX TNC-MIC Switch

MFJ 1272BX TNC-MIC Switch

You wont have to unplug the microphone and plug in your TNC every time you want to work packet or other data modes.

Just plug this pre-wired cable switch box into your rigs microphone connector and into your TNC and youre ready-to-go -- no more hunting for hard-to-find connectors and wiring up complicated cables.

Works with HF, VHF, and UHF radios with 8 pin microphone connectors -- including Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Alinco, Radio Shack and others.

For radios with 8 pin RJ-45 modular telephone jack select the new M models.

Plug in jumpers let you quickly set-up for virtually any radio.

Factory set for Kenwood and Alinco.

Includes easy-to-follow instructions.

Has audio-in and speaker jacks

CLICK HERE for the owners manual.

CLICK HERE for picture of the Back Panel

Our price: $36.50 (£21.90)
Market price: $49.95 , save 27%

MFJ 1273B Sound Card Interface

MFJ 1273B Sound Card Interface 

This sound card interface is for those who operate mostly digital modes and do not need a microphone input.

MFJ-1273B has sound card audio out, radio audio and RS-232.

included:  RS-232 cable and microphone cable. No external power is needed.

The MFJ-1273B has an 8-pin round mic plug.

Our price: $49.95 (£29.97)
Market price: $59.95 , save 17%

MFJ 1770A 10 meter dipole

MFJ 1770A 10 meter dipole

Nice straight forward design, Still new and unused

CLICK HERE for owners manual

Our price: $29.99 (£17.99)
Market price: $39.99 , save 25%

MFJ-1040B preselector

MFJ-1040B preselector

The MFJ-1040B preselector boosts signals from 1.8 to 54 MHz. It utilizes dual gate MOSFET, bipolar transistors for low noise and high gain.

Push-button switches provide for two receivers, two antennas, 20 dB attenuator and ON/BYPASS.

The band switch selects: 1.8-3, 3-6, 6-15 and 15-60 MHz. Controls for Delay, Gain, Band and Tune.

Unlike most preselectors, which are for receive-only, the MFJ-1040B may be used for transceiver.

It has a relay that automatically bypasses the amplifier when transmitting.

It can handle a transmit signal up to 150 watts PEP.

Rear panel jacks provide for the use of either RCA phono plugs or PL-259 connectors.

Size: 6 x 2 x 6 inches. Requires 9-12 VDC


Our price: $74.99 (£44.99)
Market price: $139.99 , save 46%

MFJ-1118 High Current DC Outlet

MFJ-1118 High Current DC Outlet

This is the MFJ-1118 Multiple DC Power Outlet -- MFJs most versatile and highest current Deluxe Multiple DC Power outlet.

It lets you power two HF and/or VHF transceivers and six or more accessories from you transceivers main 12 VDC supply.

The MFJ-1118 has two pairs of super heavy duty 30 amp 5-way binding posts connect your transceivers.

Each pair is fused and RF bypassed. Handles 35 Amps total. Six pairs of heavy duty, RF bypassed 5-way binding posts let you power your accessories.

They handle 15 Amps total, are protected by a master fuse and have an ON/OFF switch with "ON" LED indicator

The MFJ-1118 Multiple DC Power Outlet has a built-in 0-25 VDC voltage.

Six feet super heavy duty eight gauge color-coded cable with ring tongue terminals.

Binding posts are spaced for standard dual banana plugs.

Heavy Duty aluminum construction

Our price: $69.99 (£41.99)
Market price: $84.95 , save 18%


MFJ-1278B  TNC

Our price: $69.99 (£41.99)
Market price: $0.00

MFJ-1702B Coax Switch

MFJ-1702B Coax Switch

The MFJ 1702 is a two position coax switch with ground position.

The switch offers low insertion loss and high isolation, good through 500 MHz, with SO-239 connectors.

Our price: $35.50 (£21.30)
Market price: $0.00

MFJ-216 amplifier tuning pulser

MFJ-216 amplifier tuning pulser

AmplifierSaver lets you safely tune up your linear amplifier perfectly for full power output and best linearity

It protects your expensive amplifier during tune-ups from over-heating, tube damage, power supply stress and arc-over.

MFJs innovative pulse tuning technology lets you tune your amplifier at full peak output power for best linearity.

It keeps average power to a low safe level to prevent overheating and power supply stress.

"Sniff-out" RFI or TVI caused by rusty guy wires, rain gutters, clotheslines and others by generating full peak power without amplifier damage.

Also use to evaluate wattmeters and QSK systems.

Set and forget internal trim pots let you tailor duty cycle and pulse rate precisely for your rig and amp.

Plugs into your rigs CW key jack. Simply press Pulse Tune button and tune your amplifier normally for maximum power output.

Deluxe version has Duty Cycle and Pulse Rate controls on front panel.

Locking pulse tone and momentary carrier tune buttons.

Fully shielded all metal case. Uses 9V battery (not included.).

Measures a compact 3 1/4 x 1 1/4 x 4 inches

Our price: $66.50 (£39.90)
Market price: $79.95 , save 17%

MFJ-815B Deluxe Peak Reading SWR/Watt Meter

MFJ-815B Deluxe Peak Reading SWR/Watt Meter

The MFJ-815B cross-needle meter allows you to monitor both forward and reflected power simultaneously.

There are buttons to select either Peak or Average reading and power ranges of 200/2000 watts forward and 50/500 watts reflected.

Frequency coverage is 1.8 to 30 MHz with a measurement accuracy of ±10%.

The rear panel features SO-239 connectors for input and output.

7.25 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches (185x85x110 mm).

The meter lamps require 12 VDC

Our price: $49.99 (£29.99)
Market price: $129.00 , save 61%

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