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Heil Sound products are known the world over for their affordable, high end microphones and headsets.

We are very proud to have been selected as a preferred dealer for their Amateur and professional products.

We will soon have almost the complete range of Heil products available to come and pick up or to ship at very attractive prices.

We will offer the full manufacturers warrantee and will be supporting the Heil Sound product by keeping good inventory ready to ship.

Heil Microphones
Heil Microphones
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Heil Headset
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Microphone Connecting Cables
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Heil Headset Adapters
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Heil Accessories
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Heil Ham Radio Handbook, Ed.2

Heil Ham Radio Handbook, Ed.2

New Heil Ham Radio Handbook - 2nd Edition by Bob Heil

"First licensed in 1957, Bob's ham radio knowledge and experiments has led him to become a legend in pure audio acoustics for leading artists like Joe Walsh WB6ACU, Peter Frampton, The Who and countless others.  

This book shares many of these experiments and isn't written with heavy, techno, mumbo jumbo.  The technical is made easy and FUN to understand. His many drawings make easy sense and the many photos show everything from a proper PL259 install to a 128 element moonbounce array.

This Handbook will show you how!" -Gordon West, WB6NOA 

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Our price: $14.95 (£8.97)
Market price: $24.99 , save 40%

Heil PR-40 professional microphone

Heil PR40 Pro Series Broadcast Mic

Price includes delivery in the continental USA

Lowest Price Guarantee, We will beat any competitors Price,  Authorized Heil Sound Dealer

Call us for a SPECIAL PRICE, 859-221-8015

For the correct lead for your mic please click on the correct link below.

CC-1-XLR-i           Icom Lead

CC-1-XLR-K         Kenwood lead

CC-1-XLR-Y          Yaesu Lead

CC-1-XLR-YB       Yaesu Balanced Lead

FS-2                       Foot Switch

FS-3                       Foot Switch

HS-2                       Hand Switch

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Our price: $324.99 (£194.99)
Market price: $375.00 , save 13%

Heil Proset 3 Headphones

Heil Proset 3 Headphones $109 delivered in the USA

Brand new product from Heilsound.

The Heil Pro Set 3 Headphones are dual side professional headphone that bring exceptional articulation and clarity, beautiful sonic accuracy in a closed back, lightweight headset for monitoring in recording and broadcast studios, amateur radio stations, podcasting and computer outputs. The Heil Pro Set 3 features high quality 40 mm neodymium magnets and voice coils, lightweight, ergonomically designed cushioned headband adjustable for maximum comfort while significantly reducing outside noise. Supplied with three detachable cables. 1.8 M flexible straight cable. 1.8 M straight cord with mating iPhone/iPod compatible 3.5mm plug. 3 M coil cord - all twist lock terminating in a 1/8" (3.5 mm) professional gold plated screw-on 1/4" (6.3mm) adapter.

Heil Pro Set 3 Headphones Features

  • 10 Hz. – 22 kHz extended frequency response for exceptional clear, balanced sound reproduction
  • Convenient folding construction for compact transport and storage
  • Ergonomic design with soft, adjustable cushioned headband.
  • Serious acoustical outside noise reduction
  • Mid size design with internal steel headband
  • Soft padded, replaceable ear cushions
  • Three twist lock detachable cables
  • Gold-plated stereo and screw-on 1/4" adapter

Heil Pro Set 3 Headphones Specifications

  • Driver Diameter: 40 mm
  • Rare Earth Neodymium magnets
  • Aluminum Inlay Ear Cup
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB
  • Extended Frequency Response: 10 Hz-22 kHz
  • Maximum Input Power: 1,000 mW at 1 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
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Our price: $104.99 (£62.99)
Market price: $139.99 , save 25%

Heil sound PR 10 Microphone Package

Heil sound PR 10 Microphone Package

Heil Sound's PR 10 Microphone Packages are small in stature but mighty in performance!

Their PR 10 combines a desk stand, mini-boom and the latest microphone offering from Heil Sound.

The base includes a PTT switch and is LED illuminated.

The Heil mini-boom allows you to adjust for a comfortable angle and distance from the microphone.

Heil's integrated microphone exhibits outstanding speech articulation with a perfect balance of highs and lows.

One of these packages will work well on most transceivers.

They require a CC-1 XLR series cable to interface with your specific transceiver (not included).

Heil Sound has been an industry leader in professional audio for decades. Heil Sound's PR 10 Microphone Packages from DX Engineering will bring professional quality sound to your Amateur Radio equipment.

CC-1-XLR-i             Icom Lead

CC-1-XLR-K           Kenwood lead

CC-1-XLR-Y           Yaesu Lead

CC-1-XLR-YB         Yaesu Balanced Lead

FS-2                       Foot Switch

FS-3                       Foot Switch

HS-2                       Hand Switch

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Our price: $265.00 (£159.00)
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Heil Sound PRO 7 Headset Black

Heil Sound PRO 7 Headset Black

The Pro 7 offers a feature set that compliments the Heil Sound standard for headset design. Unlike copies of various aviation type headsets, the PRO 7 is not a copy. It brings newtechnology to the headset industry. The 2" thick gel foam ear pads provide extreme comfort for extended periods of time while exhibiting passive noise reduction rated at -26dB, ideal for use in high ambient noise environments. Using technology Bob Heil learned from Paul Klipsch back in the early 70's, the ear cup enclosures were tuned to the free air cone resonance of the speaker cone thus providing very low distortion with maximum voice articulation providing the ultimate sound reproduction for communications. The exclusive Heil Phase Reversal system (HPR) allows you to acoustically move the signals forward and creates a spatial widening of the sound field. This feature makes it easier to pull a weak signal from a pileup – useful for DxPeditions and contests as well as a stress reliever as your change the phase angle of the program source. A speaker balance control allows preferred level between the speakers.

The PRO 7 has interchangeable microphone system allows the microphone element to be easily changed in the field for different types of applications. The low distortion Dynamic HC-7 element exhibits a frequency response of 100 Hz - 12 kHz with the -3dB points at 100 Hz and 12 kHz. The traditional Heil speech articulation rise is centered at 2K -4KHz with properly balanced highs and lows. The impedance is 600 ohm. The HC-7 is one of our best microphone elements for speech articulation.




AD-1i      iCom Standard 8 pin

AD-1iC    iCom 8 pin without Capacitor

AD-1iCM  Icom Modular plug

AD-1K      Kenwood 8 pin

AD-1K4    Kenwood 4 pin plug

AD-1KM   Kenwood Modular Plug

AD-1Y      Yaesu 8 pin

AD-1Y4    Yaesu 4 Pin

AD-1YM   Yaesu Modular 


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Our price: $259.00 (£155.40)
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