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Hallicrafters Sky Champion S-20 receiver

Hallicrafters Sky Champion S-20 receiver, this is the rare model and just look at its all original condition.

This is a wonderful example of this classic receiver from the late 30s

Fully Restored and in all original condition, this receiver has been taksn loving care off all its life as can easily be seen.

The S-20 was introduced in 1938 and replaced by the much more common S-20R Sky Champion in 1939

During the single year of production only a limited number where manufactured, making this a rare receiver these days.

The S-20 features mechanical bandspread using the center dial as bandspread scale.

Frequency range covers 540-1800 kHz / 1.7-5.75 / 5.62-18.4 and 17-44 MHz.

Original price in 1938: USD 49.50

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Hallicrafters SX-110 Receiver

Hallicrafters SX-110 Receiver

This is a nice example of this classic short wave receiver.

The Hallicrafters SX-110 general coverage receiver tunes from 535 to 34000 kHz in four bands.

The main ranges: .538-1.6, 1.55-4.6, 4.6-13 and 12-34 MHz.

Bandspread: 3.5-4, 7-7.3, 14-14.4, 20.1-21.5 and 26-30 MHz.

Features include: ¼" Headphone Jack and S-Meter, AVC ON/OFF, Tone LO/MED/HI, RF Gain, ANL, Mute Line, Antenna Trimmer, BFO, Standby, Dial Lamp and Speaker Terminals.

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