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Diamond Antenna CP22E Base Station Antenna

Diamond Antenna CP22E Base Station Antenna

Diamond Antenna CP22E base station/repeater antennas are high-gain monoband antennas made from heavy-duty aluminum construction, at a price that your pocketbook will like! Rated at 6.5dB gain, Diamond Antenna CP22E base station/repeater antennas are excellent performers, easy to install, and would be your best value in an aluminum 2 meter antenna.

Features include:

* Heavy-duty aluminum antenna sections
* Encapsulated matching network for weather protection
* Stainless steel mounting hardware and radials
* Factory tuned, no adjustments required

Brand: Diamond Antenna

Manufacturer's Part Number:CP22E
Part Type:VHF/UHF Base Vertical Antennas
Product Line:Diamond Antenna CP22E Base Station/Repeater Antennas
DXE Part Number:DMN-CP22E

Vertical Antenna Height:8.90 ft.
Antenna Material:Aluminum
Antenna Power Rating:200 W
Antenna Connector:UHF female, SO-239
Mast Mounting Type:Clamp-on
Wind Survival:70 mph
Antenna Weight:2.40 lbs.
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Diamond K400-3/8C Antenna Mount

Diamond K400-3/8C Antenna Mount

Diamond Antenna K400 Series trunk and hatchback mounts are deluxe, heavy duty mounts for your vehicle. They are one of the strongest, most universal mobile mounts available. Diamond Antenna mounts' 2-axis adjustment gives you the flexibility you need for the antenna mounting location, including trunk lid, hatchback, vertical door edge, and more. They're recommended for large VHF/UHF and medium size HF antennas, including the Diamond Antenna SD330 and SD330-3-8 Screwdriver Antennas, as well as for the Yaesu ATAS-100, ATAS-120, and Tarheel and Little Tarheel II screwdriver antennas.

Additional features include:

* No holes or drilling required
* Rubber mounting pad protects mounting surface
* Four set-screws ensure positive grounding and mount strength for larger antennas

Diamond Antenna K400 Series Trunk and Hatchback Mounts set the standard and are used by Amateurs and professionals all over the world.

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DIAMOND MX-72N Duplexer

DIAMOND MX-72N Duplexer

DUPLEXER 2M/440 w/ N connectors


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NAGOYA NA-771 High Gain Antenna

NAGOYA NA-771 High Gain Antenna

The NAGOYA NA-771 Whip Antenna will allow you to get longer range on your BaoFeng radio.

This antenna features a 2.15dBi signal with up to 10W of power.

It is 40cm in length and weighs 42 grams.
Boost the signal of your radio significantly!

 We have tested this antenna and like it.


Nagoya 771 SMA Female Connector


Max Power: 

50 Ohms


Suitable for:

Baofeng UV-5, UV8 Series of Transceivers as well as the GT3 and GT3MKII

Kenwood handheld Radio: 
TK-2107 ,TK-3107 ,TK-2260 ,TK-3260, TK-3160 ,TK-278 ,TK-378...etc

Linton handheld Radio: 
LT-2288, LT-3288, LT-3188, LT-2188, LT-3260, LT-2268, LT-3268 , ..etc

Jingtong handheld Radio: 
JT-208 ,JT-308 ,JT3118,JT2118 

PUXING Handheld Radio: 
PX-777 , PX-777 PLUS , PX-666, PX-3288

  • General Features: 
  • Frequency: 
  • 144/430MHz

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SX600 Dual-Band Power Meter

SX600 Dual-Band Power Meter


The SX600 measures forward and reflected power and VSWR. Compact size makes meter useful for testing both base and mobile installations. Two directional couplers with switch and LED indicators for in-line connection of two transceivers.

Special Features:
Illuminated meter
Switchable r.m.s. or peak power
Measures forward, reflected & VSWR power
6"W x 2"H x 4"D, 2 lbs.
Frequency: 1.8-160/140-525 MHz
Power Ranges: 5/20/200
Connector: SO-239
Min. Power SWR Test:: 4W

For a copy of the owners manual please CLICK HERE

This meter is only 2 weeks old and in new condition.

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