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Ham Crazy   Ham Crazy , Gifts and Fun stuff for people that are Ham Crazy, some Awesome Ham Radio products and gifts      

East Cost Import Co. UK Import Specialist.

Advanced Antenna Analyst's - capacitance, inductance RFAnalysts.

Allied Electronics - Electronic kits, parts for professionals and hobbyists.

ALL electronics - Everything electronic and whatever else.

All-in-one - Band Decoders, various types of Antenna Switches, Antenna Stacking devices, special devices designed dedicated for the SO2R operating technique, USB Interfaces and many others.

Amateur and World Band Shortwave Radio - R.L. Drake Company (Ohio). Product information on transceivers, communications receivers and shortwave receivers. There's also a short FAQ.

Amateur TV by EzATV - 2.4 GHz Amateur TV Kit for ham radio operators.

Antenna Accessories - HFVertical Antenna Accessories

antennas.us - All types of Military Antennas, Amateur Radio Antennas, Mobile Radio Antennas, GPS Antennas, Satellite Antennas, WLAN/Wi-Fi/WiMaxAntennas, Cell Phones, TV, HDTV Antennas available and sold at antennas.usstore.

Ameritron - Amplifiers, Antenna Switches, Antenna Tuners, Wattmeters, Relay Buffers, Amplifier Accessories, Antennas Tubes & Parts.

Array Solutions - Source for Outstanding Radio Products

Atomic Time - radio-controlled atomic clocks and atomic watches

Autek Research - three models of RFAnalysts.

Banten Radio Antennas - VHF, HF, 70-85 Mhz, 136-175 Mhz, 400-470 Mhz, 800-1000 Mhz, marine antennas and accessories. Italy

Batteries America batteries, chargers, and accessories

Bencher - CWpaddles are offered in two types - the iambic BY series, and non-iambic ST series.



C3i - printed circuit board modules, VHF, UHF and SHF, high-performance Yagiantennas

CCI Comunications Concepts - products and components for industry and the amateur radio world

CWS - Custom windings, inductors, transformers, antenna coils, surface mount products, EMI/RFIfilters, etc.

Cable X-perts - Coaxial Cables, RFCable Assemblies, RFConnectors, and more.

Cardwell Condenser Corporation - Online catalog of E.F. Johnson and Hammarlundair variable capacitors, inductors, and other electronic hardware.

Carl's Electronic Kits - Over 200 Electronic kits and robots, some which may apply to ham radio kit builders.

Champion Radio Products - Source of professional tower supplies and related products for amateur radio.

Commet Antennas - complete line of innovative multi-band and high gain antennas for amateur.

Cubex - building cubical quad antennas

DC Ace Electronics Battriesand chargers

Down East Microwave Inc. - Supplier of amateur radio equipment for 50MHzand above.

DX Engineering - antennas and professional grade antenna parts.


Electronic Products Design Inc

Elecraft - I n n o v a t i v e E l e c t r o n i c K i t s


FlexRadio Systems - Software Defined Radio platform for general use and experimentation by Amateur Radio operators.


Green Heron Engineering LLC

Ham Radio Outlet Home Page - Sales of amateur radio equipment.

Harbach Electronics - SB200and SB220upgrades and repairs.

High Sierra Antennas -

hy-gain - HFVerticals, HFBeams, HFWires, VHF/UHF Verticals, VHF/UHF Beams, VHF/UHF OSCARsRotators, Accessories, Parts.

IIX Equiptment Ltd - antenna and tower accessories * mobile mount systems.

Isotron Antenna - restricted space antennas.

K1CAR RadioWEBStore - Telescoping Fiberglass Masts, RFConnectors, RFTec Surge Protectors, Plasti-Dipand PlastiDipLiquid Tape, Stoner Invisible Glass, RaineRadio Cases & DegenDesign VwaveAntenna.

KJL Electronics - service for the Amateur Radio community.

Lakeview Company - manufacturer of mobile antennas and accessories

LDG Electronics - Auto tuners and more.

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. - Complete line of fiberglass for antenna construction. Including rods, spreaders, quad antennas and parts, masts, crossbooms, remote coax switches, gin poles, tower insulators.

MFJ - Accessories

Mobile Radios - Shopping catalogueof some UHF and VHF radios.

Mouser Electronics - Distributor of electronic components.

Myers Engineering International - Antenna Manufacturer who Provides Original & Custom Antenna Design, Antenna Engineering & Antenna Development Services.

Nil-Jon Antennas - Manufacturer of antenna designs with high performance, compact, and sturdy characteristics for the commercial, HAM, and scanner radio markets.

North Olmsted Amateur Radio Depot - NOARD Inc. - North Olmsted Amateur Radio Depot Home Page. Retail Store in Northern Ohio.

N9TEW Tube Sales - N9TEWis supplier of vacuum tubes for ham, audio and antique radio purposes.

Palomar Engineers - Sells equipment, including ferrites, baluns, tuners and converters.

Palstar - news | shortwave radio | reviews tuners | service | products.

P.C. Electronics - Amateur Television Equipment.

Power Port - pouches for Radios, Cell Phones, & Handheld Electronics as well as backpacks, chest harnesses, and cases for communication systems and their power supplies. Power supplies and accessories

Power werx - Complete line of power products.

eQSL.CC - The world's largest QSL exchange center

QRO Amplifiers - High quality Amplifiers

Quad Antennas - Mini HFBeams

Quality Electronic Kits - Electronic kits for the hobbyist or professional.

Quicksilver Radio Products Antenna parts, etc.

RigPix Database - Source of pictures and information of radio's 

292 Radio Shop and Fire Communications - Specializing in service, repair, maintenance and sales of domestic & export HF/CB 2-way radio equipment. Variety of informational links.

Radio Works - High Performance and special purpose antenna systems and parts.


Saratoga Amateur Products - Power Panels, stands, computer interface, etc.

SGC - HFTransceivers, Antenna Couplers, Antennas, and Accessories since 1971.

Shakespeare Antennas - Fiberglass engineering, design and manufacturing of antennas.

Signal Engineering - This business was started to provide Reliable communications equipment in the Public Safety and Commercial fields

Sirio Antennas - Italy - 25 Years of experience. Wide range of Antennas.

Spi-Ro's Multi Band Antennas - Custom designed single & multibandantennas, trap dipoles, baluns, line isolators, and antenna traps for amateur radio and commercial use.

SSB Electronic USA - manufactures and distributes HF, VHF, UHF and SHFequipment covering 10MHz. - 47.0GHz.

Steppir Antennas - Complete line of Yagis, erticalsand dipoles; expansion and upgrade kits; and assessories.

Surplus Sales of Nebraska - largest selections of new and surplus electronic parts.

Ten Tec - Makers of amateur radio, commercial and OEM products.

T.G.M. Communications Hybrid Quad Antennas

Tigertronics - The SignaLinkModel SL-1+ is the latest addition to the SignaLink™line of sound card - radio interfaces. The new SL-1+ provides all the features of the original SignaLink, as well as many new advanced features and capabilities of its own.

Universal Radio Inc

Vacuum Tubes from Brent Jessee Recording - NOS and used, "tested good" items. List includes vintage USA and European radio, TV, audiophile, antique, and industrial types.

Vectronics - Tuners and supplies.

Vibroplex - Morse code keys, parts, assories, logo items


West Mountain Radio & the RIGblaster - Operate PSK31, SSTV, RTTY, CW, PACKET, Voice Keying, and HSMSusing a sound card interface 

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Radio Mart, Radio Communication Equipment & Systems, Georgetown, KY

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