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Bencher RJ Series Keys RJ-1

Bencher RJ-1 Straight key

Bencher RJ Series keys offer the operator a superb and responsive instrument that will bring new pleasure to traditional Morse keying.

A superb example of the classic hand key, the Bencher RJ Series keys offer a modern design that features the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Oil-impregnated, sintered bronze bearing pivot points impart friction-free pivoting and wobble-free vertical tracking.

Black "Navy"-style knobs with removable skirts at the business end will give you a solid feel with outstanding tactile feedback.

Stainless steel locking screws allow for individual adjustment of the arm height, tension, and contact spacing, and a steel base with anti-skid rubber feet gives them real staying power. 

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Vibroplex Spare Red Paddles

Vibroplex Spare Red Paddles

Originals exactly what is shown in the pictures

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