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Kenwood TL-922 Sales Brochure

Kenwood TL-922 Sales Brochure

Very Rare, essential for the collector

Our price: $15.00 (£9.00)
Market price: $0.00

MFJ-216 amplifier tuning pulser

MFJ-216 amplifier tuning pulser

AmplifierSaver lets you safely tune up your linear amplifier perfectly for full power output and best linearity

It protects your expensive amplifier during tune-ups from over-heating, tube damage, power supply stress and arc-over.

MFJs innovative pulse tuning technology lets you tune your amplifier at full peak output power for best linearity.

It keeps average power to a low safe level to prevent overheating and power supply stress.

"Sniff-out" RFI or TVI caused by rusty guy wires, rain gutters, clotheslines and others by generating full peak power without amplifier damage.

Also use to evaluate wattmeters and QSK systems.

Set and forget internal trim pots let you tailor duty cycle and pulse rate precisely for your rig and amp.

Plugs into your rigs CW key jack. Simply press Pulse Tune button and tune your amplifier normally for maximum power output.

Deluxe version has Duty Cycle and Pulse Rate controls on front panel.

Locking pulse tone and momentary carrier tune buttons.

Fully shielded all metal case. Uses 9V battery (not included.).

Measures a compact 3 1/4 x 1 1/4 x 4 inches

Our price: $66.50 (£39.90)
Market price: $79.95 , save 17%

RBI-1 Amplifier Relay Buffer Interface

RBI-1 Amplifier Relay Buffer Interface

Put this little box between your radio's amplifier keying output and your amplifier "relay" input to completely isolate your radio from your amplifier.

Draws 0.3 ma from your radio keying circuit.

Will key ANY amplifier T/R relay up to 200 VAC at up to 3 amps!

Ground on "input" will provide closure on "output" connector.

RCA jacks in and out, 3 feet of wire for 12 vdc (total draw from your 9-15 VDC power supply is only 40 ma!)

High quality relay box to interface between any radio and will key any amplifier.
Many newer radios can only provide for a small amount of current on the external amplifier keying output.

When connecting your Radio and Amplifier, there may be switching voltage, polarity, and current incompatibility  that can cause damage to your radio or amplifier if connected without a switching interface between them. Even if your internal radio switching looks like it might be usable, it is wise to have an extra degree of isolation between your amplifier and radio with our relay buffer interface.

Our price: $42.99 (£25.79)
Market price: $0.00

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