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Radio-Mart the Company

The purpose of the Radio-Mart web site is for the promotion of the fascinating hobby, Ham Radio.

Radio-Mart is essentially a retailer of Ham Radio equipment, We distribute for Heil Sound, LDG Electronics, Baofeng,TYT, Samlex and S9 antennas, all of the other equipment we sell can be classed as pre owned but all fully tested and in tip top condition.

We initially specialized in the restoration of Collins and Drake equipment and then expanded to include other vintage manufacturers but as we continued to expand, the time needed to do the restoration correctly overwhelmed us and so we took the decision to concentrate more on sales of high end equipment and that works for us.

We recognized many years ago that a sales outlet of quality radio equipment didn't exist, sure there were some small dealers messing around and there still are but there was not a company offering the best, the keeper equipment, fully tested and sold as such.

So we formed Radio-Mart back in 1999. Our initial market was eBay but in 2011 we decided to pull away from just volume box shifting, to once again concentrate on making certain were offering the very best equipment and service that we could.

So now we're more relaxed. We now have the time to make certain that every customer is taken good care of and first class customer service is now a key part of our core business. Having already a repeat customer base of over 60% shows were doing something right.

We welcome new business and look forward to satisfying your Ham Radio needs.

Best 73s

Martyn Allison